Spending too much on prototyping? Learn how to save money!

Here we go! It’s that exciting time again, it’s time to start a new project. This time however, things must be different. The last project didn’t follow the schedule accordingly; the team wasn’t as efficient as it could be, and you’ve surpassed the intended budget. As a manager or lead engineer you are concerned, and you have every right to be; it’s extremely important to stay on schedule and on budget in a product development environment.


One design stage that is often overlooked by managers and engineers alike is the prototype stage. The reason for this is because the focus in this stage becomes mainly around testing the design at any cost. No one wants to take any risks in testing the product accurately, and they shouldn’t, but there are certainly ways to ensure efficient design and product validation without spending too much time and money in the prototype stage. In this two-part article, we will explore 5 different strategies that could help with such a task.

Follow Digital Prototyping Methods:

Before even thinking of manufacturing a physical prototype, it’s important to know that there are CAD and Simulation Software at the disposal of your engineers to perform what is called, “Digital Prototyping”. These tools should be used throughout the design stage, and before manufacturing, to validate and optimize the performance of the design.

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