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Are you spending too much on prototyping? Learn how to save money! – Part 2


Moving forward from the last part of this article; we discussed two essential strategies that intend to keep more of your money in your pocket in the long run. To recap, we brought up Digital Prototype Methods and using CAD and simulation software, as well as using Desktop Printers. In this second part, we discuss three more strategies that not only aim to improve your prototype stage, but also the overall workflow.

Simplify your Designs:

If you simply want to test the mechanical fit between two mating objects, why bother prototype the entire assembly and all part details? Your engineering team should be aware that adding holes, curvatures, slanted features, etc. can increase printing/machining time and complexity, which would most likely drive up the price. It can be useful to target specific features in your design for prototyping and testing.

Collaborate with Manufacturing Early On:

Working alongside manufacturing during the design stage can be the most valuable decision you make for your team. It’s essential to separate design from manufacturability. Although this may be straightforward, engineers and designers often construct complex designs that cannot be manufactured. That is why it’s important to rely on manufacturing expertise early in the design stage and ensure manufacturing validation before the design has been completed. Not only will you be able to save on multiple prototype cycles, if manufacturing issues were to arise, but a lot of vital resources can be saved as a result of consulting ahead of time with manufacturing.

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