Comparing Versions of Part and Drawing Files in PDM…Yes You Can!


How do you compare versions of Part files in PDM?  Perhaps you review each version of the part using the Get Version command and viewing it in the PDM Vault View Preview tab.  That will work, but how do you remember all the changes between one version and the next when you cannot look at them at the same time?

Or perhaps you knew of the Compare tool found in the History window of PDM. Simply click on an older version of the file and then click the Compare button…


Wait a minute…not too useful, is it?

But hold on there…there is another tool to compare versions and it does a much better job. Not too many people know it exists, but I’m here to show you not only where it is, but how to use it. Let’s take a look…

First, let’s open a file in SOLIDWORKS that is stored in the PDM vault and has multiple versions…

View Original Source: http://www.cadmicro.com/compare-part-drawing-files-pdm/

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