Configuring PDM to Manage Toolbox

Solidworks Toolbox is a library of standard components that can be inserted in assemblies. If you are using Solidworks PDM, you can reap the benefits of managing Toolbox in your vault. Once PDM is configured to manage Toolbox, it performs several automated functions such as:

  • Checking Toolbox parts in and out as needed
  • Adding the missing Toolbox parts to the vault
  • Creating references between assemblies and Toolbox parts

Steps to configure PDM to manage the SOLIDWORKS toolbox library for complete integration

  1. Copy the toolbox folder (Solidworks Data by default) to the vault folder in your local view. Once added, check it in.
  2. a) Go to the administration tool, login into your vault (make sure you have ‘Can update Toolbox Settings’ administrative permission), double-click on Toolbox item and a dialog box would pop up.

    b) In the dialog box, check the option to ‘Manage Solidworks Toolbox in the vault’. Next, select the user PDM will get permission from when accessing Toolbox components.

    c) Finally, specify the Toolbox root folder. Click ‘ok’.

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