SOLIDWORKS PCB – Shortcuts you NEED to know

SOLIDWORKS PCB – Shortcuts you NEED to know

Sometimes you come across tools that unfortunately skipped out on an intuitive User Interface or easy to use commands, which could have been easily implemented to exponentially increase productivity. SOLIDWORKS PCB is not one of those tools.

On top of it’s Unified Platform, easy to use UI and automated output generation, SOLIDWORKS PCB also includes a clean shortcut panel that includes great shortcuts available across the platform. While this list is extensive, there are a few you should be leveraging that are not listed.

Place Via while routing:

While routing, press the “+” or “-” key to drop a via. The via is now on your cursor, ready to be placed on the next layer to continue routing. If you do not have a numeric pad, use the “2” key, followed by the “L” key to toggle the next layer.

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